Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Labor of Love ~ My Mini Garden

I have mixed feelings about trying to plant a winter garden this year. In spite of hundreds of dollars spent on Cesar Milan style training, our two new cocker puppies haven't quite gotten the idea of boundaries just yet, and they love jumping up into the raised vegetable beds. Michael ate ALL of our summer strawberries and was infatuated with the tomato plants all season long. I think Minnie just enjoys using it as a lookout so she can spy any birds that land in the yard. We will be installing some sort of barrier (hopefully aesthetically pleasing) to keep them out. Here's a look at my summer bed.
L Shaped Raised Bed and 4X4 Square Bed ~
This summer we planted 6 tomatoes, some strawberries, lettuce, snow peas, several varieties of squash and cucumbers. Here's a sampling of the first harvest. We gave away a few hundred tomatoes!
Tomatoes, Papaya, Eight Ball, Patty Pan & Zucchini Squash
Today I purchased 3 tomato plants, some red leaf lettuce and romaine lettuce. The broccoli didn't look very good at the garden center so I am looking forward to a drive into Phoenix to my two favorite nurseries early in the week.

Planting a garden in two seasons was on my bucket list for the year so I am excited to have begun the process and I have high hopes for a fruitful harvest. I love the idea of walking out into the backyard and picking the vegetables for dinner. And there's just nothing like a fresh from the garden green salad. I like keeping it small too because it makes it a lot more manageable and in spite of its small size we have enjoyed a harvest that is so abundant we gave away lots of vegetables. Sharing the bounty is a huge part of the fun of it for us.


  1. OH WOW, I wish I lived closer to you... :o) 2 gardens in one year... my dream but of course the only think I will be harvesting here in OH is SNOW. :o)

  2. It is so great that we have two growing seasons here. Remember though, we sacrifice the gorgeous Fall color and winter blanket of snow. People who move here from cold climates say "It just doesn't feel like Christmas without snow." :-) Thinking about you and your family.