Friday, October 15, 2010

A mini contradiction ~ Godiva Coffee and Store Bought Pastry

It really just goes to show you that you can spend a little more here...and a little less there and feel completely indulged. That's what I did this morning. I was out of coffee...yes, you read that correctly out. of. coffee. Now, if you knew me really well, you would know that that is never a good thing. Particularly on this morning when I think I've slept only about 4 hours in two days...(just one of those things). So, as soon as it opened (6 am) I ran to our local grocers, grabbed a package of Godiva Breakfast Blend coffee at ten dollars for twelve ounces. (I wanted really good coffee this morning.) I was also feeling like a little sweet so I walked back to the bakery and lo and behold there sat this little package of mini pastries. They had apple and strawberry. I picked the apple. It's fall and I'm so over strawberry right now.

Coffee and Apple Pastry on a Beautiful Autumn Morning
Eight of those little sweet morsels came in the package for a measly dollar. Yikes, saying measly in this economic climate probably is a bad thing. But seriously this was a great deal. They are all the good things a pastry should be. They are light and flaky, with a delicious apple filling and not to sweet glaze. Yum. And they're so tiny (that's a salad plate) you can have more than one. They're only two bites big. :-) I actually only had two, so that makes four bites. I might have another though. Have a great Weekend :-) Ciao!

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