Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two Bite Tuesday ~ The Right Stuff

I love beautiful things. I love things that coordinate. I love comfortable things. I love it when colors match. It's almost an obsession. Actually, it is an obsession. I figured it out when I took my first statistics class in college. I was terrified of all things related to math and I was so nervous on the first day when I stepped into that classroom. I remember it so clearly though. I was sitting there staring at my textbook and I noticed that the crimson and white textbook was the same crimson red color as my notebook. I felt a strange wave of satisfaction come over me though I was still fidgeting nervously when I dropped my mechanical pencil on the floor. As I leaned over and picked it up, I noticed that it too was the same crimson red color as my textbook AND my notebook. That's when it happened. All of the nervousness I felt seemed to drain from my body and pool up around my feet. (No, I didn't wet my pants :-) But that is the moment I realized I had this strange relationship with color.

First Bite ~ So now you know that when I found these sweet little denim colored candy coated chocolates, I just couldn't say no. They match the denim accent wall in my home office...perfectly! Oh, and that's something else...I have a real thing for all things denim. (I'll leave that for another post though.)

Photo via Janet Ellis
Can you see how they match the wall? I feel calmer already. Originally I purchased the candy machine to dispense puppy treats in my office, but the treats were too big and they got sort of crumbly. You might have seen this post where I re-purposed a silver bowl for their treats. Sweet huh? :-)

Now, I also believe that it takes just so little to live above average. I really enjoy a fun or pretty food presentation, whether it's for a party or even if it's just Rick and I. And, it's just nice to have the right service ware.

Second Bite ~ Cost Plus World Market is one of my favorite places to find fun things for entertaining. I came across these adorable spreaders and I had to have them.

Image courtesy of Cost Plus
I only bought four of them and recently I went back and noticed that they also have the cocktail forks and tasting spoons.

Image courtesy of Cost Plus
Gotta have the whole set, don't you think? Hubby and I use them almost every night to spread butter on our baguettes (Eeww...yep, we eat too much bread).  I used them for this little romantic appetizer for two a few weeks ago.

Photo via Janet Ellis
Here's what they looked like for our New Year's Eve gathering last year.

Photo via Janet Ellis
And here they are again on the 4th of July. I think that they really add a nice touch to the presentation. I love the twisted handles and the spiral tops. Can you tell we really like cheese?
Image via Janet Ellis
The pieces are a little pricey at $2.99 each (compared to other cocktail pieces I've seen) but they really are a nice weight. I just can't decide how many I want to buy. Oh, and I almost forgot, you can actually order them online here, but $9.96 for a set of 4, plus shipping makes them more expensive that way. I do love it when the makings of a fun party come together though.


  1. Janet, I will be using part of your comments the other day as a blog post on Friday. I don't know the proper way of doing it but I put links to both of your blogs (and yes I follow both :o).

    Dad died this morning and since his wishes were VERY simple it seems we have nothing to do yet, so I am finding solace in blog world.

    I do love this post too as I love them all.

  2. Oh Kim I am so sorry. I sit here weeping with you. So often it really truly is the simplicity we allow in our lives that really opens the door for us to be fully alive in our experience as human beings. Your dad seems to have been a very wise man. When I my sister died (she was 37), I allowed myself to be still and to be aware of her ever presence. I noticed little things that could only be "her." It gave me such great comfort to know the power of an Almighty God that would be so loving as to ease that transition for me. I pray this sort of awareness and blessing for you and your family. May there be some Amazing Grace as you grieve your loss...Blessings, Janet