Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Inspiration ~ It's another busy day!

I am in the midst of a pretty big project, but I am attempting to keep my promise to myself to share something here everyday. We had such a fun Halloween party last year that I wanted to share a few photos of our table.

Photo via Janet Ellis
We start with our fabulous black cauldron that holds our Delicious Witches Brew. It is the old lime sherbet and sprite punch. It's kid friendly and we add dry ice to the cauldron so it bubbles and smokes and spits.

Photo via Janet Ellis
We had fun and spooky adulterated drinks. I think these were actually strawberry daiquiris that we served with dry ice.

Photo via Janet Ellis
Of course no Halloween party would be complete without Magic Potions.  We had fun trying out the different flavors and giving them magic powers. We found these at Target.

Photo via Janet Ellis
My talented daughter, Brandi made these scary marzipan spider and black sparkly spider cupcakes. I admit that I just couldn't bring myself to eat one of those big marzipan spiders. Cute though huh?

Photo via Janet Ellis
You can see her popcorn balls here too. OMG were they ever good. Popcorn balls are one of my Christmas favorites and she did them for Halloween! I felt like that little pig on the commercial Weeeeeee! Weeeeeeeeeee!

I think we're doing a Twilight inspired Halloween Party this year, or maybe it will be traditional. I don't know yet. Yes, I know it's Thursday already, and Halloween is Sunday. But heck, we already have all the stuff :-) worries. Whatever it turns out to be, it will be fun and fabulous! I'd love to hear about your fun plans!

And Kim (A Creative Spirit), if you read this...I am thinking about you dear. Blessings, Janet

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  1. Janet, thanks so much for thinking about me and the goings on here. Doing well, and using my blog friends still as a diversion. I can't WAIT to see what your Halloween looks like this year.... we never really did any big deals... just trick or treating with the kids and I used to go with the grandkids too but foregoing it this year to spend time with mom.