Monday, October 25, 2010

Little Kisses and Time Travel

You all know that I am compiling some of the family recipes for a Through the Seasons sort of cookbook.  As I was going through old photos that I am hoping to marry with the recipes in the book I came across these adorable shots of Brandi taken when she was 2 years old (Yikes, that's like 26 years ago!) She was a Hershey Kiss for Halloween. Cute huh? (I used the same pattern from her first year pumpkin costume...I like to reuse :- and I appreciate not having to reinvent  the wheel.)
Brandi with cousins Jeff and Justin
You can check out what this creative little kiss is up to 26 years later over at Tweedle Dee Designs. It really is just so amazing to see how raising your children in a creative environment ignites the spark for them.

Our sweet little kiss
Of course, this got me to thinking about Hershey's Kisses and how much they have evolved over the years. First, they were just wrapping them up in different foil colors to celebrate the holidays; red and green for Christmas, pastels for Easter. And now they have got everything from milk and dark to white chocolate filled with cherries, caramel, and my favorite Pumpkin Spice. Jenny Flake over at Picky Palate thought they were pretty good too and came up with a delicious Black Bottom Mini Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake. Wow! That's a mouth full to say...for a bite sized dessert.

Gotta love Jenny's beautiful photography too! If these look as incredibly scrumptious to you as they do to me, Jenny has generously posted the recipe over on her blog Picky Palate. She uses the mini cheesecake pan and just a few ingredients. My kind of recipe and these will definitely be on our Thanksgiving menu this year!


  1. These look even more delicious then you think they do. The photography is absolutely beautiful. I love your blog and am the newest follower through Follow Me Friday 40 and Over.


  2. Janet you are such a blessing to me. I would love to post your words on my blog as a guest post if you would agree. Your words and thoughts really resonated with me and I think will with others no matter the challenge they are facing.

    Let me know what you think. If you agree I will use it on Thursday (or maybe Friday as I do the Boost your Blog Friday). That way will send people both of our ways. :o)

  3. Also wanted to thank you for the pointer toward this YUM OH recipe. I am working on expanding my reperatoire as before my parents illness I was working on starting a cake, cupcake and local printable party supplies biz. That is still on my radar but a lot slower with all that is happening.

  4. Welcome Victoria and thanks for following. I try to keep it fun and interesting and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. I was over at your blog as well...Crazy stuff about pumpkins :-) I didn't know there was a National Pumpkin Day...or that pumpkins were fruit :-)

  5. Kim, I left a comment over on your blog, but just in case you get here first I wanted to thank you for your sweet words. You really are an encourager. And, of course you are welcome to use it on your blog. I love sharing ideas. And I am so excited about your new business adventure. It is interesting how things happen in our lives to propel us forward or to slow us down. I can only say that perhaps (and this comes from the business coach in me) is that planning is the most important part of starting a business, so maybe our all-knowing Creator is providing that planning time for you. Just a thought. Bless you my dear.