Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two Bite Tuesday ~ A little service please :-)

First Bite ~ Always on the hunt for something fun and different to serve a little something, something in, I found these adorable little servers over at The Kitchen Store at Chandler Fashion Center. Often you'll see a creme brulee served in a larger version of this little dish, but I have a different vision for it.
This little potato is just about an inch and a half long, filled with a dot of creamy butter, a bit of fresh sour cream and topped off with some just snipped chives. Wish I had some caviar cause oh how delish that would be too.

Tiny Baked Potato Appetizer

I'm planning on using them to serve mini-pumpkin bread cubes also. I'll just add a swirl of fresh whipped cream and sprinkle it with some nutmeg and it will make a fabulous little dessert bite, don't you think?

Second Bite ~ I found these gorgeous red votive holders over at Micheal's and couldn't help but think they will be perfect for serving my White Russian Cream this weekend. Just lovely.

Perfect to serve an elegant white chocolate mousse
Rich colors make me feel so happy! They make me feel like dancing, gonna dance the night away...wait it's only Tuesday. Ciao!

ps. Yeah! I found my camera charger...sorry it didn't come back with any more photographic talent. I'm working on it though.

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