Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Quick Labor Day Flan
Sometimes the best made plans just don't pan out and you have to make the best of it. Sometimes that best comes to find you and this is what happened for us this Labor Day. I had planned on having the kids, mom and dad, and my brother over for a Labor Day Barbecue, (see Friday's inspiration) and for some reason or another, everyone made other plans and Rick and I found ourselves unexpectedly free. About 10am, my mom calls and asks if we'd like to come over for homemade enchiladas? Uh no? But, of course, who would be crazy enough to turn down my mom's enchiladas, heck, my mom's anything? I asked her what I could bring, and of course, she said, "Just yourselves and your appetites."

Not one to arrive for dinner empty handed, I scoured the cabinets for ingredients, and found that I had one lone box of Royal Flan. Well, mom makes just about everything from scratch, so I was a little reluctant to show up with box made flan, so I looked at the box and saw that you could make it richer by reducing the milk and adding a couple of eggs...and ou la, it worked, rich, yummy flan.

Of course, the real test of success is if mom decides to keep the left overs or not. When dinner and dessert were over, I heard her calling me from the kitchen, "I washed your flan dishes. (tiny ramekins)" All eight were there, empty and clean. Hum, what happened to the other three? I'm smiling here. She emptied them into one of her dishes and put in the refrigerator for later :-). Success.

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