Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Late Start ~ But Better Late Than Never :-)

So I feel like I'm running, and running, and running and getting nowhere. Sort of like I'm on a treadmill, or a hamster wheel. There were a couple of major distractions at the end of the year that kept me from organizing for the New Year! As I write this, I'm wondering why we even have to organize for a New Year. It's just like a birthday, right? You turn another year older, but really, it's just another day. Reflecting some more, I think it is because we try to cram so much into a year, get into the holidays, then need a fresh start. Or maybe it's the marketers with their fresh displays of organizing bins and boxes. Then again, maybe it's the IRS and Turbo Tax (I just bought my copy yesterday). I don't know what it is, but I'm feeling the pressure and I'm going to stop...right now, get off the treadmill and plan my year.

Hopefully, I'll come back tomorrow with a cohesive plan, a direction, and some fresh new ideas that make sense and aren't scattered like my brain feels. One of my 50@50 goals was to get and stay organized, ha, didn't happen (yet). I should have added (learn to say No) to the list. I'm sure it would have helped :-)

Anyone else feeling this way? ~ Blessings, Janet


  1. I always LOVE your posts. I like the idea of a PLAN instead of resolutions. My organizing continues and I included my daughter on the fun today. Well.....really I just pointed and directed while she did all the work. She looked in all the tubs and put little notes on all the boxes done so far so that I can put labels on them. REally thinking of using Brandi's cherry heart labels on them. AND then surprising daughter with some glass canisters with the labels as a thank you......

  2. Oh Kim what a sweet idea for your daughter, and so sweet of her to be lending a hand. Brandi has been pretty busy with her re-launch and I am loving the designs she's coming up with. It's kind of cool to have her back in the house where I can witness some of her process again. I have a fridge full of Valentine cupcakes at the moment; wish I could post a pic, but she's got a guest post coming out at somewhat simple and I don't think she'd appreciate me trumping it LOL. :-)

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