Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I just asked for the recipe ~ And I Got a Whole Cake!

This is the carrot cake I mentioned here, and it takes the phrase "Dessert First" to a whole new level. My Uncle Al makes it for my mom on her birthday every year and it is unarguably the best carrot cake I have ever tasted. I asked my Aunt Judy for the recipe several weeks ago, things got busy and I mentioned it to her again yesterday. Today she called me to tell me she was bringing it over. {Seriously, I thought she could just email it}. She didn't let on that she had made the cake for us. This is one of the sweetest things that has been done for me lately. I was just speechless. Thanks Aunt Judy and Al.

Ta Daaaaaa ~ Yep, it's just that good!

It's just a beautiful thing...and it is in my fridge...right now. {Shivers up my spine good} I just had to try a piece before dinner.
A little slice of heaven
Hubby didn't get home until almost 7 geez, and duh. I had dessert before dinner. And then when he got home and saw it sitting there...he did too. Then we ate spaghetti :-)...Brandi only wanted cake! Now that's good cake :-).

Stay tuned for tomorrow...I have been blessed with a few awards that I will be acknowledging and passing on. So humbled to be thought about in such a way....Feeling blessed, may you also.


  1. MMMMM YUMMMMM and it is a beautiful LOOKING dessert too. I am looking for a macaroon recipe that I can color but so far no one has offered one up let ALONG bring some over. :o)

  2. Brandi did some delicious pink macaroons for Easter. I'll ask her for her recipe, but can't promise she'll be able to put her hands on it quickly. She's still packing and moving.