Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hope Surrounds

Hope Surrounds

Newborn babe on Christmas Eve
Tiny infant, hope surrounds

Little girl angels in the Christmas pageant
Golden locks mingling with frosty white wings

Snow falling on the desert floor
Drifting, floating, softly landing

Living Nativity guided by a star
Breathtaking, awesome, quietly grand

Mom's glittery heirloom Christmas tree
Celebrating family, honoring history

Pampo's pineapple filled empanadas
Flaky, sticky, sweet remembering

Nana's delicious masa tamales
Savory, love-filled, heart songs

Christmas carols fill the air
Praising, exalting, arms outstretched

Champagne mimosas on Christmas morning
Delightful elixir, toasting the Son

Newborn babe on Christmas morn
Tiny infant, hope surrounds

~ Janet Ellis ~


  1. That is beautiful Janet. I can tell it is from your heart.

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