Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sweet Surprises ~ Blog Awards....For Me? So Sweet

Yes, it happened. I logged into my blog early last week and found that Meditative Mom had so sweetly passed along the Stylish Blogger Award and The Versatile Blogger Award! After the initial shock wore off and I double checked to make sure I had actually logged into my own blog, I jumped for joy and went screaming through the house. "I won a blog award! I won a blog award!" Thank you so much for visiting my little pink blog and thinking enough of it to pass this sweet sentiment along. You make me laugh every time I read your blog. I had to bring the tissue box back to my desk cause I was getting make-up all over my sleeves from wiping away the tears. Thanks so much for the award...and for writing your blog.

If that wasn't overwhelming enough, I opened my blog the next day and saw that I had also received the Stylish Blogger Award from one of my most inspiring bloggers and I dare say, very special new friend. Kim authors the inspiring A Creative Spirit blog where she shares her life with us. A Creative Spirit is the first blog I read every morning. Thank you my dear, for thinking of me, for sharing your life, for lifting us all up. I can say that I have used that tissue box a number of times while reading your blog as well. You are an amazing, strong, courageous, faithful, compassionate and creative woman and I am so blessed to have "met" you :-).

Now there are rules that go along with accepting these awards and they follow:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded this to you.
2. Share 8 things about yourself.
3. Pay it forward to 15 recently discovered great blogs.
4. Contact those bloggers and let them know about their award.

So first and foremost, Thank you Kim and Meditative Mom, from the bottom of my heart.

Kim's ~ A Creative Spirit

The Meditative Mom
And 8 Things About Myself....hmmmmm, let me think...

1. I love all things Denim...I have a sofa, chair and ottoman that are denim, my master bed-skirt is denim and there is a decorative denim pillow on the bed. I have an accent wall in my office that is painted Denim and I have a dispenser that contains denim colored candy (really ~ see here) I have even had  pencils, book bags, purses, and jackets (of course).
2. I have a "thing" about matching colors. I think it's a psychological condition.
3. I have two adorable and mischievous parti cocker spaniel puppies who have given me a new appreciation for mothers of twins...Is there a support group for me?
4. I have one biological daughter, a step daughter and a step son...all amazing.
5. I am a desert rat ~ Born and raised in the Arizona desert. Well, in a hospital in the Arizona Desert.
6. I am in love with, I'm not gay. {Not that it matters} I just have a deep admiration for our amazingness.
7. I have tested my faith and discovered that I am indeed a dyed in the wool, true blue American Christian who figured out a long time ago that Jesus is so much BIGGER than the little box that most traditional mainstream churches attempt to confine Him to. And He's shown me that I am too! So are you!
8. I NEED order, I CRAVE routine, I LOVE tradition, I AM sameness.....or...I unravel.

And now to pass along these precious gifts. And they really are precious. As I peruse your blogs I just become more in awe of the women who write them, of their lives, their courage, their sense of humor, not to mention their genius and creativity, and their deep sense of compassion. It was hard to choose only 15 because there are just so many who continually inspire, entertain, and encourage me every day.

Fika’s Art Box      
Most adorable, fun, colorful, playful and inspirational artwork
Decorative art and all things pretty and pink. A lovely blog that feels like you’re wandering through a beautiful little boutique.
A pretty little blog featuring all things vintage. It is like walking into the most feminine place you’ve ever been.
Ohhhh another favorite. Debbi is a light pink rose and shares the best on life and love, vintage cottage style.
More beautiful pink inspiration as lovely little snowflakes drift down the page
Oh how I love Mika’s Pantry. She turns everyday dining into special events. You must check out her Thanksgiving post.
A beautiful and thoughtful blog. Gorgeous inspirational photos and posts. Wonderful little snippets that will make you smile.
Julie authors this gorgeous blog with such beauty and passion. It is like taking a cultural arts tour around the world. Just beautiful and serene.
Cori ‘s blog oozes sweetness, love, and creativity.  She has the sweetest new post about her son this week. Wanna smile…need some inspiration…drop in and check it out.
Full of life’s sweetest moments, Jeanne’s blog is uplifting and charming. I love her real life stories. It’s like reading a lovely little picture book each day {that only takes a minute or two}
The title says it all. Meredith’s blog is full of joy, life, living, celebrating, reality. Check out her new post on ADORABLE shopping bags. Wayyyyyyyyy cute! You won’t want to miss out.
Leslie is the Hostess of the Humble Bungalow and how welcome you will feel as she shares her pearls, cashmere socks, and coveted mom’s shortbread recipe.
Michelle authors this adorable little blog and reviews children’s books. I love reading her perspective as she reviews these little gems.  Michelle shares great little finds along the way.
Through Jamie’s words you can feel how full of life she is. Her love of family, her imagination, sense of humor. Beneath the Acacia Tree is such a little pick me up.
Extraordinary Hero Blog is more like it. For a HUGE dose of inspiration, visit Kelly and Charlene’s Blog. It will change your day…I promise 

Now off to contact these wonderful and inspirational women. Please take some time to visit their blogs. You will laugh, cry, be inspired, be motivated, be amazed, and be blessed. ~ Blessings, Janet


  1. Janet...thank you so much for your very thoughtful comments and how lovely to receive these awards. I am thrilled you stopped in to read my posts and are now a follower. I have just had a stroll thru your blogs..they are wonderful! I am not a Follower too! It was fun to read how similar we are in our approaches to life. I know a few of the blogs mentioned above and they are all great ladies. I now look forward to meeting the rest. How lucky am I to be included in such a talented group!

    Loved reading your eight things about you...I am with you on #8!

    Best wishes

    Jeanne xx

    I am going to have a good think about the answers for the questions and will let you know when I post them :))

  2. Dear Janet
    How sweet you are... imagine waking up to find you have been given two awards.. and by someone you don't know!!! What a lovely surprise and so appreciated.. Just like Jeanne I know a few of the other awardees too and am honoured to be included in your list.. and thankful for the kind things you said about my blog. Interesting to read the 8 things about you... I love your comment [not that it matters].. Seinfeld right? I have a work mate that constantly throws out these little snippets and keeps us amused.

    I also love you post on your other blog about Living Artfully.. So true.. we often find it hard to allow ourselves to think or be other than we have pigeon holed ourselves to be... That's what is so great about blogging yes?... we can step out of ourselves and fly!!!

    Thank you once again... I've been quite tardy about awards lately but must put my mind to this one... Have a wonderful day.. you've certainly given mine a lift.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

  3. Janet-

    Thank you for passing these awards along to my blog. It is so sweet of you to think of me for this. I have so enjoyed following along your blog and know you are very derserving of these two awards. Congratulations!

  4. What beautiful words... You deserve LOADS of blog awards... :o) And so fun geting to know more about you....

  5. Hi Janet- I am honoured that you consider me blog award worthy...
    I have the versatile award already and I am not sure if I would be a great candidiate for Stylish...even though I bake in cashmere and pearls!
    I will think on this!


  6. Janet... Thank-you so much for your kind words, your encouragement and for blessing me with not one but two awards. I feel truly honored and thankful! Congrats to you as well for receiving these awards - they are well deserved! I hope that you have a wonderful week! Thank-you again!!!


  7. I love your #3... hopefully I'll be a part of the mother of twins club soon for the mean time we too have two puppies and it is eventful to say the least :)