Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Two Bite Tuesday ~ Living Artfully

On Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the Holistic Health Fair which was held at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts where one of my good friends, Terry Parvan of Winifred Street was showing her beautiful affirmation art. It was only her second show and people were flocking to her table. As I wriggled my way through the crowd and approached her table, I saw why.

First Bite ~ I spied this sunny yellow acrylic original with the affirmation I AM AUTHENTIC. It spoke to me and told me exactly where it wanted it's forever home to be. So I brought it home and lovingly placed it on the wall in my office where I can look up at it many times a day. It is a beautifully gentle reminder to keep it real.

Photo via Janet Ellis ~ Original Acrylic by Terry Parvan and Winifred Street
All of the backgrounds on these fabulous works of art are yellow. Terry then layers each piece in a beautiful palette of color so they really will go with any decor. Genius!  She says that she wants to spread a bit of sunshine around the world. Each piece is infused with love and as a new owner I can tell you, I feel it. It's like getting a {{big}} hug every time I look at it.

Second bite ~ This adorable find is inspired by Lynne Bonnell, another inspiring local artist. I have been putting off decorating my home for the fall season because I am just not feeling the old stuff. It just seems tired. No wonder, it's like a decade old! So when I saw these gorgeous, scrumptious, deliciously beautiful velvet pumpkins I fell in L.O.V.E. Seriously beautiful, yes? Yes!

Photo via The Willows
You can find Lynne's gorgeous pumpkins over at The Willows, a local boutique and I am just trying to decide what colors to purchase. They even come in turquoise! Be still my heart ♥!


  1. OOOOO fun finds... love the I am Authentic art...

  2. Thank you Kim, I do love it and Terry does beautiful work. And those punkins, soft as my cocker puppers :-)

  3. Janet you are a gift to me! I love your wonderful words regarding my art. I AM BLESSED to have you in my life! and i do own a turquoise and a teal pumpkin from The Willows. L.O.V.E them almost as much as i love you!

  4. Oooooo teal and turquoise. That would go beautifully in my guest room. And I am just speaking from the ♥. Your work is beautiful and carries an equally beautiful message. I'd love to see it 'round the whole world!

  5. THANKS SO MUCH for your words on alternative medicine. I take so many meds and supplements that I am just TIRED OF IT... I know that accupuncture here is about $90 per 1 hour session but I am sooooo ready to try something else. I actually called a place this morn and they are having an open house at their new larger location on Sunday... free consult, free 20 min stress reducing accupunture session and a 20 min free massage. SIGNED ME UP!!! they also do Chinese massages there too which are more like accupressure... I am really excited so that will prob me my next Monday post... thanks for your ideas on the other treatments too.