Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekend Gatherings

With brunch on Sunday and my very good friend, Candace's birthday gathering tomorrow, it is looking like a busy weekend. Candace called me earlier in the week and wanted to do a small gathering for her favorite kind :-). I'm sort of an introvert so me + big crowds = anxiety². She asked for no gifts, just a variety of my mini desserts sooooooo here's what I'm planning.

Photo via Janet Ellis
I know it doesn't look very exciting yet, but I needed to see what desserts would present well in the mini serving dishes. So here's what I'm thinking: Mini Cheesecake, Russian Cream, Cream BruleƩ, Chocolate Mousse, and some sort of fall dessert. Maybe a Mini Apple Cobbler or Mini Pumpkin Tart. What do you think?

This is the other project I have going for Sunday's brunch. I love the little velvet pumpkins I wrote about here and I actually bought two of them (a sage and a cream) over at Domestic Bliss. They are on my bedside cute. I wanted more for my hutch...and at $20-$40 a piece, I thought making them would be fun.

Photo via Janet Ellis ~ Pumpkin Project
I chose three colors of velvet; a gold, purple, and brown that all go fabulously with Brandi's Tweedle Dee Designs, Fall Collection. I found the real pumpkin stems over at Mother Nature's Farm for 25 cents. I can't wait to see them finished. I'll be sure and post pics so you can see too! Have a great weekend!


  1. I love all your mini dessert servers... where do you pick up all these cuties????

  2. Hi Kim, They really are a big hit at every function because everyone gets a little taste of everything. I used to use different shaped votive candle holders (and sometimes still do) Tonight I used mini ramekins for creme brulee & Russian Cream in the shooters(Cost Plus World Market), Chocolate Mousse in the shots (Pier 1),and I made coasters with little affirmations on them for the mini cheesecakes. I just pick them up when I see something unique at Kitchen Stores, Micheal's, Pier 1, and Cost Plus. The little spoons actually came with the shots. Pier 1 has an entire line of minis now. I hope you're having a nice weekend.