Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two Bite Tuesday ~ Valentine's Day Favorites

I have a sweet spot for Petit Fours. Years ago when I was introduced to the elegant little dessert treat I fell in love with them. They provide a simple elegance to your dessert menu and are the perfect "just a bite" size. I love pairing them up with tiny mousse cups and panna cottas, and I have never, ever actually made them myself. I've always purchased them, which is why I am sharing this adorable little William Sonoma find.

1st Bite ~ William Sonoma Valentine's Petit Fours
Are they not just adorable? I love the simple and delicate heart decoration. Layered in raspberry jam and chocolate ganache, they perfectly compliment an after dinner dessert wine or cup of coffee.

I wasn't always a huge chocolate fan. Growing up, I would have chosen red vines over chunky, sours over Kisses. One evening, when I was in my mid thirties and dating Rick, received a box of Ethel M's chocolates as a gift when he had been on a trip back East...and I fell in love, with chocolate...the jury was still out on him :-). And every Christmas (and at other times) he surprises me with a custom box of Godiva Chocolates. What I learned, is that I LOVE chocolate, just not the cheap, waxy, stuff of, well, you know. Godiva has now opened a bakery, which brings me to this next scrumptious bite.

2nd Bite ~ Limited Edition Pink Vanilla Buttercream Cupcakes!

Really? Yes, really. Simple...elegant...delicious....and, of course, at $28, a little pricey for 6 cupcakes, but what the heck, we're not doing it every day. Splurge, go easy on yourself, indulge a little...and when they arrive at your door...enjoy! Have a great day! ~Blessings, Janet


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  2. Hi Janet! Thanks for stopping by my blog - it looks like I was already following both of your blogs!

  3. yum!!! those look adorable AND delish!!

  4. I LOVE Godiva chocolates.... and will treat myself to one or two of the GOOD ones when I am near a Godiva store.... OH MY I need those cupcakes tho....

  5. Here's something odd.... I'm never a fan of anything sweet BUT the close up's of the Petit Fours and the Cupcakes have given me a big fat yen for something sweet. You are a Temptress. Yummy
    Love and Peace

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