Friday, February 18, 2011

Contain Yourself

My friend, Candace and I are off to The Container Store today to replenish our supply of 12 oz. spray bottles. A couple of years ago, I decided to start making my own cleaning supplies. Initially I used the big 32 oz bottles I found at Home Depot, and then...I discovered The Container Store.

I placed one of these cleaning kits in each bathroom cabinet, under the kitchen and one in the laundry room. That way, I don't have to carry the stuff from one room to the next. If I want a quick clean up in the master bath, everything I need is right there.
Mini Bathroom Cleaning Kit
There is white vinegar in the clear spray bottle with the white top, disinfectant (water, alcohol, lavender essential oil in the clear spray bottle with the black top, peroxide in the silver bottle (I emptied a bottle of Method stainless steel cleaner), baking soda in the parmesan cheese container, white bar mops, micro cloths, and gloves.

I love the sizes of these because they fit just right in my hand and in the basket and I'm not lugging these big awkward 32 oz bottles around. When I'm done, I just toss the cleaning cloths in the laundry and refill the basket with fresh ones. I can be assured that the baths are cleaned, disinfected, and free from harmful chemicals. Oh, oh, oh and it saves a ton of money too. ☺


  1. Love your ideas for environmentally safe cleaners too. I stay away from the Container store cuz I fill my cart too full. Trying to hit Pottery Barn tonight tho for some of their mini dessert cups. PLEASE share some of your mini recipes on here. :o)

  2. Great idea - you are too organized for me - but I'm inspired. I wish I had a Container Store close to me. I go to one in Dallas a couple of times a year, but I think I need a monthly visit - just to browse and find all the things I might need.

  3. Shannon ~ Thanks for popping by and glad you like the idea. There's nothing like making the sometimes endless job of housekeeping a little more pleasant.

    Kim ~ I just look at all that plastic "stuff," wonder where I would put it and realize the answer is, no is easy...okay, not easy, but easier, to leave on the shelves.

    Pier 1 has a great selection of minis as well, and don't forget Michael's. Sometimes their votive holders are 33 cents each and they have a variety of shapes that make great dessert minis. And I will start posting some recipes. I've been meaning to do it and don't know why I haven't...

    Rita ~ Thanks for stopping by and so happy that you enjoyed the post. The Container does have a website so if you're looking for something specific, you can get it online. Oh, and I wish I were more organized. Seems I'm always trying to get there ☺.

  4. Janet, you are always such an inspiration to me in your comments left on my blog. I love you and have never met you. I also so admire your profession. I had looked into life coaching about 5 years ago but the time and the money for training just didn't seem available. I love hearing about your courses tho, so I can live vicariously through you.

  5. Great idea!!! You're a great example of awesome organization!!!